Monday, October 6, 2008


I apologize for not posting an Entry of Substance.

It's already past 2 and I'm not done with my homework for tomorrow so I can't write about Joe Biden or the crazies I talked to while phonebanking, or how important melamine-laced White Rabbit milk candies are to my childhood.

Because I feel like it takes so long to write a good blog entry, I want do ask how much my fellow bloggers spend composing a blog entries:

Less than 30 minutes?
30 minutes - 1 hour?
more than 1 hour?


Jessieroo said...

I would have to say it depends on the entry...but on average I spend about half an hour per post (which is not a half hour of solid typing and usually involves multitasking).

Dirty Socks said...

Haven't wrote many...