Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Danishize: rugbrød and leverpostej

Foreigners detest it, expatriate Danes crave it.

It's rugbrød.

It was the first loaf of bread I bought when I arrived in Denmark two and a half months ago. I had no idea what it tasted like but I bought it because was one of the more common types of bread in the bread section.

Rug means rye so it's literally rye bread, but it's not like what we normally call rye bread in the States.I still wouldn't mind if it wasn't sourdough, still. But I really like the grain kernels in the bread. The texture is very dense and chewy.

Danes also eat a lot of leverpostej, a pate made from pork liver, spread on rugbrød.


ecomarci said...

lol i ate a version of that bread in Germany. didn't quite agree with my digestive system... so much fiber!

Kirsten said...

that meal = my childhood. it looks like sunflower seed bread, but either way it's super good and the leberwurst, or liver sausage, is also yummy. i can show you where to get some in the states if you're craving it when you get back. basically, found at polish or german deli's or grocery stores.

Julia Smith said...

The bread looks great. But liverpaste... :P :P :P

CYW said...

I had leberwurst when I was in Berlin. It's a bit different from leverpostej. I actually think I like leberwurst better. Yes, you have to show me a place in EL or A2 to get some. I know I'll crave it when I get back.

melonontwotendrils said...

very cool!