Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Reason 492393 Not to Read/Watch "Twilight": Edward eerily reminiscent of anatomy lab cadavers

I have a dilemma. I want to properly ridicule the Twilight books and movies. But to do so requires me to actually read the books/watch the movie. I don't want to read the books/watch the movie. So I have to settle for taking bits of other people's critiques of Twilight and reposting them here.

From a Salon review.
His body is as hard and cold as stone, an ick-inducing detail that this reader, for one, found impossible to get past.

WTF?! Edward is COLD?!

Ok, I get that Stephanie Meyer otherwise describes Edward's appearance in cliche but flattering terms. Well maybe except for "sparkle". Otherwise, he's supposed to have a good jawline and nice hair, or something like that. But it makes no sense in real life to have cold people!!

Hey Tween girls, the reason you still like Twilight is because you've never cuddled a real person! Living people are warm! Cold people are freaky. Not just freaky, THEY'RE DEAD! This is the most unerotic thing ever. Having sex with Edward is like screwing a corpse? Ugh. This reminds me of the cadavers I cut up last semester.

Is Your Boyfriend a Normal Living Human, Corpse, or Vampire?

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Jessieroo said...

I like that this was labeled "rant." I should add this designation to some of my posts as well.

And I'm with you--I haven't read/watched the series either. But something about it, in ways that Harry Potter was not, is just strange.