Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Firsts at Interlochen

When I came back from Interlochen, I thought about all the experiences I had that week. I had reconnected with orchestra alums and learned a lot of new things. I'm not sure if I'll be able to adequately describe the way the counselors bonded with each other so for now here's a list of new experiences.

Things I did for the first time at Interlochen

  1. Skipped a rock on the lake
    Too bad the next 20 rocks I through after that went "thunk"

  2. Learned Euchre

  3. Played Mao, quite badly

  4. Learned the Ninja game
  5. Drove a golf cart

  6. Slept in the counselor part of the cabin

  7. Played the My game and claimed lots of cool stuff, including two bear crossing signs, two wild turkeys, the Mesick water tower, the Melody Freeze, and a schnauzer (or maybe it wasn't a schnauzer)

  8. Learned that Neutral Milk Hotel's In Aeroplane Over the Sea is a concept album about Anne Frank

  9. Cleaned humongous dead moths from the cabin

  10. Plungered a toilet and actually made it work again and did not put more TP to make it flood

  11. Saw satellites and the "music stand" and "bass" constellations. But I never called a satellite, which makes me sad.

  12. Was carried on a chair during the tennis court rehearsal of Saen-Saints' Samson and Delilah because it sounded like Hava Nagila

  13. Was a counselor at the first Huron orchestra camp at Interlochen

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