Saturday, June 12, 2010

Danishize: Laundry

As my time in Denmark is winding down, I'm once again reflecting on the quirks of Danish life that are now routine for me but surprising when I arrived. Today I'm highlighting my laundry drying rack.

At MSU drying was cheap and my room small so I liked using the dryer. But most importantly, everyone used the dryer.

In Denmark however, none of my housemates use our dryer. And from what I see all around, no one else does either, exchange students or Danish students. At my house, the dryer not even in the same closet as the washer but relegated to a dirty corner of our garage.

Instead, we all have folding drying racks all from Ikea. I borrowed this one from my housemate.

My drying rack is actually the top part of clothing rack but it's from Ikea!

Now that I've been using drying racks for six months, it doesn't feel that inconvenient. Well, except when I wash all my clothes at the same time and don't have anything to wear for about a day waiting for something to dry. But it's really not that bad. I think that when I go back to East Lansing, I'm going to get a drying rack.


melonontwotendrils said...

same here! I feel like it is bit annoying to me because everything takes like 36 hours to dry here. I was telling my host mom that my clothes werent dry yet, after q dqy, and she said well it normally tqkes a day to dry things like that. I had no clue about that because the only things I air dry are delicates that dry fairly quickly lolll oh the quirks of european life

Tang said...

No dryer = more environmentally friendly too. And you save some money, I guess that's a bonus.