Monday, October 17, 2011

Part 2 of 3: Ethical Issues during clerkships

One of our classes this semester is ethics. The first day of ethics class was a panel that all students were required to attend. There were a few third and fourth year students who shared with us some "ethical dilemmas" they faced during their clerkships. (Clerkships are rotations. You follow around a resident (usually), wake up at ridiculous hours, and get asked questions to which you don't know the answer.)

Basically three of the four stories had this moral:
Don't say anything if you think you're resident or attending is wrong or is just acting like a jerk. 

(The last one wasn't about the attending or resident being wrong or a jerk. It was about a teenage patient who feigned pain in order to be admitted and then her boyfriend tried to sneak onto the floor during the night or something. It was weird.)

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