Thursday, April 23, 2009

Read My (Other) Blog

This post isn't entirely a self-plug but it may be a bit redundant since all my blog readers (that I know of) I'm also facebook friends with, which means they'll see a link to my other blog.
Nonetheless, I'm announcing that I am a blogger on Choice Words. It is the blog of Choice USA, a really cool reproductive justice organization.

I've already posted two entries on Choice Words. You can read them here:

Why should you Choice Words?
  1. Because you love what I have to say!
    Really, I'll be updating more frequently there, about twice a week. Because Choice USA is awesome. Also, I'm only one of many bloggers, so you'll get to read what they have to say.
  2. Because you love Reproductive Justice.
    What I really love about repro justice is that it recognizes reproductive rights in the context of multiple systemic inequities. It reaches out to many communities that otherwise may not overlap in other areas. Activists have this problem of "caring too much" so I'm glad that repro justice allows activists to really work to forge connections with environmental activists, labor activists, immigration activists.
On a side note, I really love getting comments on my blog(s!). It's extra motivation for me continue to update them.


Jessieroo said...

Chen, I love the new blog but how can I link it to my blog here? The URL doesn't seem to be of the appropriate format to allow for link feeds...But maybe I'm just being technologically-stupid.

I have always wondered what other women look like as well. I remember doing Google image searches of breasts in high school, just to make sure mine were "normal." I think human anatomy classes and reproductive health classes often substitute race and gender differences for diversity and as a result overlook the variations among actual bodies--regardless of color.

Marci said...

For Jessie: I had the same problem, you have to use the RSS link.

For Chen: I'm excited to read your posts on Choice USA! I'd love to talk to you sometime about reproductive justice issues I've been working on.