Saturday, May 16, 2009

What Makes a Family?

I must be watching too many daytime TLC family shows. I've been thinking about the phrase "to start a family". As we all know, it means for a couple to try to get pregnant. But I have begun to feel increasingly uncomfortable with the phrase. It seems to say that children are necessary for a couple to be considered "a family". I know that "to start a family" is probably just a polite way to say "we're having sex a lot" without the visual imagery of picturing people you know having sex. Still, if I were married or in a committed relationship without children, I would consider my partner and I to be a family.


ecomarci said...

i got my daily dose of birth control watching "Nanny 911" today. also, I think a family is whatever you want it to be.

CYW said...

Haha, for some people, I think watching baby shows makes them want babies. For you and me, it's a contraceptive!

Jessieroo said...

Add me to that list. I babysit a three year old and a one year old and have never felt less capable of parenting. They are certainly a contraceptive!