Sunday, November 1, 2009

This Blog by Numbers

Total entries: 65
First entry: May 4, 2008
Duration of blog: 78 weeks
Average entries per week: 0.833 but I'm posting more frequently now!

Frequency of labels:
13: feminism
10: NYT, school
8: DC
7: books, politics
6: life, medicine, work, blog
5: China, sex
4: asian-american, activism, race, science
3: art, food, gender
2: choice, domestic violence, mom, museums, rant, research
1: A2, atheism, BBC, cat, childhood, EL, HIV/AIDS, kids, LGBT, money, music, orchestra, poetry poverty, tv

This gives me some idea of what issues are addressed most frequently here, but I often forget to label entries for all relevant tags.

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