Thursday, February 18, 2010

All Chinese people wear coolie hats.

I follow the Disgrasian blog on my google reader and today the blog posted this AP photo from a German Rose Monday parade. (Like many European countries, Germany celebrates the days leading up to Lent with parades, dressing up, and other festivities.)

It's supposed to satirize U.S.-China ties. But srsly? Can we PUH-lease ditch the coolie hats?

Apparently not because Danes think Chinese people wear coolie hats too, specifically, Danes WHO HAVE ADOPTED CHILDREN FROM CHINA! I wish I had a photo of these shirts to show you all. I was at a Chinese New Year celebration at the Ã…rhus concert hall last Sunday. One of the tables set up in the foyer of the music hall was an organization of Danish parents who have adopted children from China. In addition to displaying pamphlets, they were also selling t-shirts with their organization's name and a "cute" graphic of an Asian child WITH A COOLIE HAT! Srsly?? Presumably all these parents had been to China to pick up their kids. Hm? Was everyone there wearing coolie hats? I think not


kate leong said...

oh my goodness. oh my goodness...

Taz said...

The parade thing was kind of funny in a bad way. But the child adoption thing is just beyond pitiful.