Saturday, August 21, 2010


As popular and fun to read as travel writing is, it was never my intention for this blog to be a travelogue. I intend to update regularly but everyone in medical school tells me this will consume all my leisure time.

You may have noticed the new title of my blog. The end of my time in Denmark made me feel that that experience was fleeting, thus the previous title. But now I'm embarking on four years of medical school where the body is the subject of study. I think it also encompasses my interest in the body in society, in politics.

Today I had the first of a week-long medical school orientation. Immediately I was reminded of a similar experience, the orientation program for Aarhus University exchange students. The people I met my first day at Denmark Today, at the very first activity, became my friends for the rest of my time. So perhaps the same will happen now. We'll see.


ecomarci said...

good luck, chen! I had a similar thought throughout orientation etc. about the people I met, many of whom are very cool but I have no idea what frequency I'll be seeing them once the semester starts!

விடுதலை | Viduthalai said...

Chen, i ve always wondered how you keep up blogging consistently... i should say you are one of my inspirations for blogging... keep writing. good luck.