Thursday, August 5, 2010

Travels: Girls and Boys in Denmark

During my last days in Århus, I went to Legoland, probably the most famous Danish tourist attraction after the Little Mermaid statue. At the Legoland gift shop you can buy Lego sets, spare Lego body parts, and these silicone ice cube trays.
Legoland gift shop. July 2010.

The gendering of toys is a worldwide phenomenon, it seems. Even in Scandinavian countries with some of the most impressive levels of gender equality in many areas. It's also a popular subject of Sociological Images, a sociology blog. It runs a series on gendered toys and used this Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal webcomic as illustration of childhood socialization via boys and girls toys.
A window in Copenhagen. February 2010.


Angel said...

ha, i love the comic, cause it's so true.

Taz said...

it's true as far as advertising goes. But I had a brother, so he had to play dolls with me, and I played legos with him. In fact, I had a lego ranch, with loads of horses and all, and now frickin look at me, I'm trying to get work working with horses, early imprinting? Maybe if my parents wanted me to be a doctor so much, they should have given me the game Operation and nothing more :D