Sunday, June 2, 2013

80 hours

I was going to write about how the following week will be nightmarish for me because I have three calls in seven days. I thought to myself, that is SO MANY HOURS so I will add up the hours in quantify my misery and self-pity. 

(Call is when you get to the hospital at the regular time and stay at the hospital longer than than usual. For me the calls are until midnight.)

So I added up the hours I will be working. 

Monday       7a-12a 17 hours
Tuesday      7a-5p   10 hours
Wednesday 7a-5p   10 hours
Thursday     7a-12a 17 hours 
Friday         7a-4a     9 hours
Saturday     OFF!! 
Sunday       7a-12a  17 hours

It's 80 hours. 

I'm free* Friday at 4pm all the till Sunday 7am! That's 39 hours! 
*I'm going to sleep and study for an exam I have the following Tuesday. 

I thought to myself only 80? I thought it would be more hours. 

Then I realized that medicine has so messed with my mind because I think 80 hours shouldn't be that bad. Residents work 80 hours/week ALL THE TIME. There have probably been only a few others week in my third year that I have been at this hospital this much. So basically I felt like I shouldn't complain now because it's going to get worse when I'm working 80 hours/week for many months. 

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