Friday, May 31, 2013

two things

Yesterday my housemate told me that I looked like I was really tired and stressed, to which I replied, "It's because I really am tired and stressed." It's been a really difficult past couple weeks in part due to my rotation schedule and figuring out what specialty I want to do. 

But there are two things that make me happy:

1. I'm going to be a doctor. What kind of doctor, I don't know, but a doctor with MD after my name. 

It's very like that I will finish medical school and get a residency position somewhere barring any disasters in the next 11 months. Of course there are programs that I think will better fit my goals and those are competitive. But so far I'm pretty sure I'm going to match somewhere. I feel that I have (almost) survived the brutality of third year because I have only 4 weeks left, even though it's going to be a miserable 4 weeks because I have q3 call for the next two weeks, then the shelf exam, and then moving out of Flint. 

2. I have friends and friends of friends who don't even know me at all who have offered me housing during my away rotations. This has been a huge source of stress removed. Thank you. 

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