Thursday, May 29, 2008

Busy and tired

Much as happened in the last two days, particularly the fact that I have worked two days at AIDS Alliance already. Tomorrow I'm leaving early for a meeting in Bethesda and I have to look up some information about the HIV vaccines being developed by the NIH tonight so that I have some idea what this meeting will talk about.

Working has completely worn me out for some reason I still can't comprehend, even though most of my work consists of sitting at my desk in front of the computer or at meetings.

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Xinran said...

Been isolated from the world lately due to no internet till today and ran across your blog on facebook status-updates! Looking forward to hearing about Bethesda adventures. I'm definitely acting like a tourist right now and gawking at surf boys with exposed 6-packs (in a surfing store, not even on the beach). ANYWAY, message me your DC address, as I have a "postcard" to send you. Writing all of this makes me want to start a blog as well. hmmm maybe I will!