Sunday, May 4, 2008

Summer Reading

I know that I function most efficiently when I write down a list of things I need to do. Otherwise, I give myself the excuse to waste time by going online, watching TV (I have a TV now!).

Summer Reading List!
I always make too ambitious a list and never finish them, so perhaps it will be the case this time as well. I'll only be in A2 for about three and a half weeks before I leave, but during this time I'm completely free! No classes or work.
  • Finish The Namesake (Jhumpa Lahiri) I wish I had finished it before I watched the film...
  • Finish The Line of Beauty (Alan Hollinghurst) even thought it's getting slow when it should be picking up in the last 100 pages.
  • Finish After Dark (Haruki Murakami). I must end this bad habit of starting books and not finishing them.
  • Promises I Can Keep (Edin and Kafalas). Recommended by some SRP folks. It's an ethnography of inner city minority women, asking why so many of them become young single mothers. The results are surprising.
  • Read up on reports from AIDS Alliance, available on their website.
  • I feel that I must read some Salman Rushdie because he's always mentioned with the keywords public intellectual, cross-cultural blah blah.
  • Time for some Virginia Woolf again?
  • Books people have given me and I feel guilty not reading.
Feminist Books
  • Cunt
  • Female Chauvinist Pigs (This is supposed to be a classic, right?)
  • The F Word. This was one of the choices for MC 386 h-option.
  • Well-Behaved Women Rarely Make History. Ditto above.
  • Something on Chinese feminism or Asian American studies. I could look over some of the titles I came across when I did the MC 386 review essay.

Perhaps there should be some book I re-read once a year or something like that. Joel read, I think, Candide every year. I like the idea but I have no idea what book to read. I rarely re-read books because I don't have the patience to go through every page after I know which parts are exciting and which are boring. I tend to just re-read the bits I like.

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