Sunday, May 11, 2008

Where I will be this summer

I started this blog in part to keep track of my adventures this summer, so I am now making the official announcement about my plans:

I will be a Policy and Government Affairs intern at AIDS Alliance for Children, Youth & Families, an non-profit in Washington DC. (I'm going to Washington!) AIDS Alliance is an advocacy group particularly for women, children, youth, and families with and affected by HIV.

As a Policy and Government Affairs intern, I will research policy, legislation, write letters to policymakers, and maybe even go to Capitol Hill. I think I'm going to learn a lot about domestic policies about funding, prevention, and education for HIV/AIDS.

I'm leaving Memorial Day weekend and won't be back until the weekend before the fall semester starts, so pretty much the entire summer.

I will be posting my weekly essays here and uploading photos of lovely Washington DC. I hope someone reads this so my efforts are not soley for my own archives.

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Sony said...

Hi Chen!

I was perusing the WC site and I saw your blog! I thought I drop in and say hi! I remember you sent me a facebook msg- I don't remember if I responded to you but I think I did? Anyways your internship seems very interesting if you get lonely or anything I am going to be in DC for the month of June- probably working as a paralegal. I start law school in the fall so looks like DC is going to be my new home!

All this blogging seems like fun- I am going to help my grandma make a blog on cooking- She seems really excited and who knows maybe people will like it!

Anyways good luck in your first few weeks in DC and if you need anything feel free to facebook me any questions I think I gave you my number there!

Your fellow WC member,