Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Danishize: Multilingual

Rather heavy blog entries, the last couple. A bit of levity now.  

I apologize for the technology hiccups of late. I think people who subscribe to my blog's RSS thought this entry was published already. But it wasn't. It's here now.

On the packaging of almost any product I have bought in Denmark is printed several languages. Usually it's in Danish, Swedish, and Finnish. This makes sense since they're the countries geographically closest to Denmark so the products are manufactured the same way and then sold in these Scandinavian countries.

Take for example Labello lip balm: læbepomade/läppcerat/huulivoide is Danish/Swedish/Finnish.
I may have said this before in some blog post but Labello is the Chapstick of Europe. It's the most popular stick-form lipbalm here. The regular kind comes in a dark blue stick but I have the shiny one, which is pearly pink.

Over time I have come to expect these languages so even I was a little surprised when I saw the packaging for these packets of Sindy brand tissues.

That's right, you can read the name of the product, number of sheets, number of ply, and size of sheets in 20 languages: English, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, Swedish, German, Belarusian (?), Bulgarian, Russian, Ukrainian, Romanian, Slovak, Lithuanian, Polish, Latvian, Croatian, Czech, Serbian, Hungarian, and Estonian.

An aside: People here use tissue packets more often than tissue boxes. I think in the States the packets cost more than a box with the same number of sheets but I don't think it's the case here.

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