Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Things I think about: Marshmallow Peeps

A while ago I dreamed that I ate marshmallow peeps.

I'm sure this dream was prompted by the Easter merchandise that has popped in grocery stores in the past week or so. There is the usual assortment of chocolates bunnies and eggs. It's looks pretty much like the Easter candy we have in the States with the notable lack of marshmallow peeps.

The closest thing I saw to peeps were marshmallow bunnies but they're not Peeps brand in that they don't have the sugar crust nor are they fluorescent yellow. I really like the sugar crust so it's just not the same having regular bunny shaped marshmallows.

Things I haven't seen:
Plastic Easter eggs, however, so perhaps Danes don't hold Easter egg hunts.
Egg dye
Eggs on sale -- this last point irks me because egg are definitely more expensive here than in the States.

This flyer from a local grocery store illustrates the typical price of a dozen eggs: 25 kroner or $5. The organic ones cost even more. This is unfortunate because I really like eating eggs and I have grown accustomed to them being a cheap and delicious source of protein in the States.

Now that Easter is over, I bought some Easter marzipan eggs. But unlike the States where Easter candy is often 50% off, I got about $1 off candy originally priced at $5. I don't think we have marzipan eggs in the States, or at least they're not popular enough that I know about them. They have a crunch candy shell -- much like M&Ms -- followed by a layer of chocolate and finally a marzipan center. They're very good.

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