Friday, March 12, 2010

Organizing Principles, a Bit of a Recap

I have been mulling over ways of organizing the photos and blog entries that have documented my time here in Denmark. My output in these two forms has been steady -- I have taken many photos and blogged pretty consistently -- but I feel that these scattered photos and blog entries are crying out for some motif to string them together.

Now I might have found some structure for these twenty-plus blog posts.. I will organize them into three broad categories.

Things I Think About: This is where all the really introspective posts go. They include things that are noticeably absent from Denmark. More on this later when I write another entry that belongs in this category.

Things I Think About: 
I Really Want a Striped Scarf January 10
First Days January 11
Every City has a Ghetto January 14
Foundation January 22
Finding American Food in Ã…rhus January 29
Leaving home January 26
Eating, alone and together February 16

Danishize: If the first categories are musings on the things that are lacking in Denmark, then these entries capture the tangible objects that mark my life here. These are observations on the quirks of Danish life. They're tidbits of little consequence but are perhaps interesting.

Things are Different Here January 4
Personal ID January 5
Honor System January 7
I Do Not Have a Boyfriend January 8
It Snows Into the Sea January 10
House January 23
MOMS. Not the woman who raised you January 24
Sun and Tan March 6
Setting the scene, two months later March 8
Kvindemuseet March 9
Meijer Brand Loyalty March 10

Travel Photography: Only three posts in the category. They're photo essays from my travels to Amsterdam. It's self-explanatory and an example of the way I want to incorporate photos in a meaningful way. Hope to do more of these in the future.

Travel Photography:
Little Ice Age February 11
The Light in the Morning is Beautiful February 9
Auricular Amsterdam February 5

I'm not sure which of these kinds of entries my readers find more interesting. One is more introspective and the other straightforward.

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