Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Epic fail. Epic freak out.

I can't count or look at a calendar apparently. The halfway point of my time here hasn't come yet! It will be this weekend. When I was panicking last night, thought I had two more months here, but I actually have three. Now I feel a bit silly for freaking out earlier.

But I'm still really stressed out -- in the short term because of planning this Easter break trip. In the long run, I'm stressed because of the general drawing down of my time here. I have three more months but I will need a week or two to prepare for my exams and to pack and clean out my room.

If anything, my miscounting shows my level of panic.

I did email STA Travel to inquire about changing my return flight. They haven't replied yet with a price quote. Even if it's cheap to change the date, I actually don't have a place to stay past June 30th. The obvious solution to this is to keep traveling for about two more weeks but this brings about all sorts of logistical problems and additional expenses...

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Katherine said...

TRAVEL!! The flim flam will still be in Ann Arbor if you stay an extra 3 weeks.