Monday, May 31, 2010

Things I think about: Inevitable return

The past two weeks and the next week will be tough for me because I have papers to write, but mostly because I have to handle the academic pressure on top of handling my friends' departures.

In some effort to console myself, I jotted down this list of things I am looking forward to doing when I return. Of course if I could, I would make my exchange experience last forever. But I can't. Even though I pushed back the date of my return by almost three weeks, it still feels like there's not enough time. I'm sure this is how everyone feels but still, it's a crappy feeling. In the end, we all feel like this, no matter how late we are departing.

The downside to being one of the last to leave is that I have to go to all the goodbye parties. But that's just me complaining. I wouldn't want to leave early either because I would want to squeeze out one more moment here.

Anyway here's the list, in the order in which they came to me:
Panera bread
Victoria's Secret
Soup Spoon
Kelsey Museum
Bubble Tea
Big shopping carts
Whole Foods
Espresso Royale
Sweetwaters, particularly the new one on Plymouth/Green
Downtown Ann Arbor
Art Fair and Urban Outfitters Sale

Looking at this list, I realize it sounds like I'm longing for the consumerist wastefulness that is the worst of American life but it's really more about the things that make me feel comfortable and the people I will be with when I visit these places. There are specific people who I want to do these things with. At least some of you know who you are so we'll surely be in touch when I get back.

EDIT June 2 11:10 PM
a really big watermelon
Great Plains Burger on Plymouth Road. I don't know what's special about it but I like it.
TJMaxx and Marshalls
Dr. Pepper
Bookstore where I can actually read the books
Old Navy flip flops


Adrianne said...

Soup Spooooon! Also you haven't been to their new coffee bar!
Also, I cried myself to sleep on the plane leaving Spain for home at the end of the study abroad session. I was miserable for days. But your time will always stay with you - sounds cheesy but very true.

CYW said...

Now I feel a bit better because I KNOW I'm going to be crying on the plane home too. Wait, I've already been crying here and I'm not leaving for another 5 weeks.

I think readjusting back to the US will be harder than adjusting to DK when I first arrived.

Actually, I haven't been to Soup Spoon PERIOD.