Sunday, May 16, 2010

Travels: Recent Trips By the Numbers

I finally got back home in Århus at 11:30pm on Friday May 14th. Let me briefly recount my recent back-to-back trips.

I was basically gone for three weeks, with a brief day and a half in Århus:
April 24-April 28: London
Back in Århus for 36 hours
April 30 - May 10: Spain May 14: Spain and Portugal

Cities visited in Spain:

Cities visited in Portugal:

By the numbers:
Days delayed in Portugal due to Icelandic volcanic ash: 4
Hostels stayed in: 6 (Worst hostel of the trip: Faro Youth Hostel)
Percent of mosquito bites sustained at Worst Hostel of the Trip: 86% (6/7) The other was in Lisbon.
Airlines flown: 1 (Ryanair)

Photos and videos taken: 355 in London 843 in Spain and Portugal
Couches surfed: 2

Suntan from my flat that have zigzag straps


Jessieroo said...

Way cool! Question though: where did you find the add-on that lists your labels by size/frequency? I like it a lot (and therefore want to "steal" it)!

Hope you're doing well!

CYW said...

I just discovered you could change it to that today! Setting tab, layout, labels, display: cloud.

Julia Smith said...

I love everything about this post. But mostly your mosquito bites by percentage and your tan lines.