Monday, May 17, 2010

Travel: Faro or airport of the Algarve

I wasn't planning to go to Lisbon but my flight out of Faro, in the south of Portugal was cancelled. The next flight I could get on back to Billund was Friday, four days later than my original flight.

I found Faro quite boring. The average citizens, it seems, is a 70+ year old. But the residents seemed outnumbered by British vacationers who all came on EasyJet and Ryanair. That's really the reason Faro is a popular destination at all. It's, I think, the only airport in the Algarve that international flights come to.  Postcards of Faro show its whitewashed old buildings, palm trees, and sea but I think they should have a big photo of a Ryanair plane.

The beach at Faro isn't even very good but I guess it's good enough for northern Europeans desperate for any sun. It's actually several km from the old city center where the train station and bus station are. The beach itself is accessible by a bus which comes only once an hour...

I was desperate to get out of Faro after just one afternoon. I decided to take a 4 hour train ride up to Lisbon, which I found charming and pretty.

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