Friday, May 28, 2010

Things I think about: The next 10 years

It's in part the publicity about the Sex and the City movie, in part the transition to medical school -- a narrowing career path, and in part joking with some friends here in Århus, that in the past couple weeks I've imagined a life like this 10 years from now. 

They include: 
an apartment in NYC
a vineyard in upstate New York
a cat
a stay-at-home husband to cook, clean, and oversee the wine-making in our vineyard
and a job to support all this

As you can see, some of these goals are more realistic than others. Or actually only one is likely to come to fruition and it doesn't involve real estate or subservient spouses. 

With all seriousness, none of these things will happen, probably. And really, I don't want a stay-at-home husband to cook and clean. By calling out the inadequacy and injustice of patriarchy -- assuming the male experience to be the correct and universal one -- I don't want simply assume the dominance. That's not feminism. 

But all this represents some things that I do hope to have: a sense of home and permanence. It's not anything I want now! But I think that after 10 years, I'll be weary of school, of moving around every few years to complete my education and start a career. I want to be able to live life the way I want, maybe have some choice in the city or region I live. And I would really like to have a cat. It would be a nice life. 


StevenLiang said...

i <3 it!

Jessieroo said...

I want a stay-at-home-husband-to-oversee-the-winemaking too! And I absolutely love your list!