Sunday, January 10, 2010

I really want a striped scarf

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Since I've been in Denmark, I've seen scarves that are dark gray or black with lighter color vertical stripes. I really want one.

(They might be available in the States too, but I hadn't noticed them there. Though perhaps scarf-wearing among men is more common in Europe than in the States as a whole?)

But almost as soon as I noticed these scarves, I also realized that they are men's scarves. Only men wear them. I have never seen a woman wearing them. But because I hadn't seen these scarves before in the States, I did not already think of them as menswear.

To me, nothing about them makes them exclusively for men. I mean, they're dark gray or black but women wear dark-colored scarves. I haven't been to a clothing store here yet, but I'm sure they'll be sold in the menswear section.

Perhaps over time I won't want one anymore as I become socialized to think that they're for men. But for now, I really do.


Nicholas said...

I'm pretty sure I've seen women wearing the kind of scarf you describe. However, I don't think you should let something like gendered clothing dictate what you can and cannot wear. Do you ever wear blue jeans or pants? I rest my case.

Khalid said...
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Khalid said...

Dude, if you don't get one for yourself you could just get me one. That way you will get to see me wearing it and you won't have to compromise gender norms.