Sunday, January 24, 2010

MOMS. Not the woman who raised you

MOMS is a hefty 25% tax on ... practically everything. I've bought in Denmark so far I have had to pay this tax. It stands for meromsætningsafgift (according to wikipedia).

This is different from sales tax in the states not only because it's a lot higher but also because it is levied on food as well. (Technically a VAT is also different from a sales tax but I don't really know the technicalities...)

Here is a receipt from my recent trip to Netto, a grocery store. I was making tacos so I bought items similar to that I buy in the States. Generally, things are more expensive here than in the States. Some things are only a little more expensive. Somethings are a lot more expensive.

taco seasoning (2 packages) $2
flour tortillas (6) $2
bell peppers (3) $2
roma tomatoes (i think 6) $3
ground beef (1kg) $8.50
avocados (3) $2.50
salsa $2.50
lemon $0.50
pads $4
total, including 25% tax $27

All prices displayed in stores are written with the tax included.

Practically all the exchange students I've met feel that living in Denmark is much more expensive than in their home countries. But not students from other Nordic countries, where apparently everything is REALLY expensive. People say that Swedes go to Denmark to buy alcohol and Danes go to Germany to buy alcohol.

Some things here are a lot more expensive.
1L of milk costs 5 - 8kr, or about $1-1.50. Compare this to the States where 1 gallon (3.89L) costs $2. My Norwegian housemate thought that milk here is really cheap.
I really want to buy soy milk but 1L of soy milk costs 15-20 kroner.
Eggs are sold in cartons of 6 or 10. I can't remember now how expensive they are, but they are definitely more expensive than in the States because eggs are dirty cheap in America.

It's hard to compare prices sometimes because many fruits and vegetables here are sold by piece not by weight. Bananas are generally 2.25 kroner/stick ($0.50).

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Taz said...

wow, way to not support consummerism. I wouldn't be opening my wallet very often there if I could help it.