Monday, January 4, 2010

Things are different here

My first day in Århus is coming to an end. I found out a lot of uncertainties that had me stressed back in the States.
  • Neither my MSUFCU-issued visa credit nor debit card work here EVEN WITH PIN NUMBERS! But I can still withdrawal money from the ATM with this debit card.
  • Traveling on the train turned out to be way more stressful than I thought. I know that trains are quite sophisticated in Europe, but perfectly on-time trains don't make up for the fact that it was very difficult to find a place to put my suitcases.
  • Things are expensive here. Many fruits and vegetables are sold by unit.10 clementines cost the equivalent of $5.
Tomorrow I'll meet some of the other study abroad students at a social activity organized by Studenterhus, an organization that brings together Danish and International students.

It's only 9pm here but I'm exhausted. I'm going to lay my head on my makeshift pillow since I didn't bring one from the States and haven't bought one yet.


ecomarci said...

buy what you need to buy early... i got really stressed out my first few days in bangladesh because i didn't have money, a phone, etc. (in addition to total culture shock)

Taz said...

Have fun. Sounds crazy with all the stresses of travelling there. Turns out DOI doesn't block the blog yet - I thought it did. Your vegetable crisis sounds the same over in my half of the world. $8/lb peppers and any dairy products is 3-4X more expensive. Most food is 2-3X as pricey. Oh yay, lots of rice and beans for me! After you settle down in a week, everything will be good. Miss ya