Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Personal ID

I signed up for a CPR number, which is needed for practically everything here. It's a national registration number issued by the Danish government. In about a week I should receive the number by mail.

With it, I can:
get universal free healthcare
open a bank account
buy a SIM card

This also means that I won't be able to do any of these things until then. I understand its necessity to government-related functions like healthcare, but to buy a SIM card?

Edit: Okay, you can buy a SIM card w/o a CPR number, but only the prepaid kind. If you want a contact plan with the phone company, which is cheaper, a CPR number is needed.


Jessieroo said...

I had no idea, but I'm not that surprised either. I can only imagine if such an ID were required for so many things in the US, and the ensuing uproar over "Big Brother" and privacy rights.

Awesome that you can be on the receiving end of universal health care without being a citizen or permanent resident. Again, I can only imagine if this were the case here. People already seem up-at-arms about illegal aliens receiving any benefits for being in the country.

Hope you're doing well!

Beth said...

All of the phone contracts in Italy require a copy of your passport, as do some of the pre-paid ones. I was surprised!